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Trainer In Training Center

At Cherokee County E 9-1-1, we focus on the best and most effective 9-1-1 training possible. It is our mission to provide both our new and current employees with the latest information and technology that we have available to us to educate and develop the necessary skills needed to provide our community and its visitors with a safe and secure connection to all first responders, whether that is law enforcement, fire rescue, or emergency medical services; for both emergencies and non-emergencies. 


We utilize personnel combined with technology to achieve efficient and effective classroom, lecture, scenario, and live computer-based training where we can strive toward our agency's mission and goals. We have a training center with a mirrored CAD system that allows us to introduce our recruits to the 9-1-1 environment where they can experience the stresses and pressures of the live 9-1-1 center while having the ability to place those elements on hold for learning and teaching. This also allows them to learn without any impact or the possibility of danger in making life-or-death decisions while learning the necessary communication and documentation skills required to be strong Communications Officers. 


Once a recruit has completed the initial training phase, the training does not end. Cherokee County E 9-1-1 is constantly making sure that each Communications Officer's certifications are current and up to date. This includes in-service meetings, multi-annual 8-hour in-service training, continuing dispatch education modules and literature, NCIC and EMD recertification training, etc. Training is at the very core of keeping our most vital asset of any 9-1-1 center knowledgeable and ready to confidently and accurately serve the citizens and visitors of Cherokee County.

APCO Project 33 Logo

Cherokee County E 9-1-1 is an Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Project 33 Certified Training Center. This allows the most highly skilled communications officers to answer when help is needed most!

For more information, please contact Training Manager Heather Bradberry at

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