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Henlo, I’m Ruby! Thanks for visiting to learn about me. 

So my “legal” name is Ruby Dawn, but my fren’s call me Ruby or Rubes. Initially, I was fostered by the communication officers (aka dispatchers) at Cherokee County E 9-1-1 after coming to visit them with my fren’s from the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. Well, I never left.


I was “legally” adopted by my “parents” Shane and Linda. I live with the dispatchers full time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the 911 center. I get to live my best life with lots of head pats and belly rubs, walkies where I can get my zoomies in, and an all-around happ life. 


The hoomans tell me that I am a female (yup!) American Staffordshire Terrier Mix. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell them my exact age, but it's somewhere around 8 to 10 years old (born in 2014-2016) at their best guess. Age is only a number though! When I first met my family, I had lived at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter for over 100+ days as I got those icky heartworms and had to be treated. But I got a clean bill of health!

I luv living with my hoomans as they gib me all the things I need to have a happ life, and I gib them lots of luv and attention. Every morning and evening, I am in the shift meeting before they come into the 911 center to work, often making my rounds to get my daily pats (and sniffing for some of those snacc’s!).


I also have that keen doggo sense and know when they are dealing with a serious or stressful call and they often turn around after hanging up, and there I am! During the weekdays, I often roam the hallway of our administrative staff visiting their offices and napping in one of my comfy beds (I have one in almost every office! No joke.)

Welp, a fun fact we did not know initially, Cherokee County specifically has a policy regarding doggos in the workplace. E 9-1-1 Deputy Director Linda Miller, E 9-1-1 Director Shane Bonebrake along with Public Services Agency Director Dana Martin all went to bat asking the county for permission to allow me to stay. They were able to work out a plan and I ultimately was allowed to stay and was formally adopted. I can’t thank the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners for doin’ me a solid and allowing me to stay with my new fam’. Heckin’ I also became one of the very few live-in K9s in a 911 center in the United States.

One of the rules they gave me was I had to become certified. Unfortunately due to my experience in the world, I was not a good fit to become a therapy K9. BUT! I was perfect to get my AKC Canine Good Citizen certification, which I got without any issues.

Ruby ID
Ruby Adoption Dog Tag

I have a lot of fren’s here but I have four primary caretakers; Director Shane Bonebrake, Deputy Director Linda Miller, Training Manager Heather Bradberry, and Supervisor Jenna Stoner. For most of the events I go to, I will have one of them with me. As well as my stylish vest, and as a county employee should, my county ID card! They also take me for my regular health visits and to get me a bath. I gotta keep up these heckin’ good looks!


Oh, I almost forgot. I luv meeting new hoomans and making more fren’s. Whether it is at the 911 center or events, it's always a treat! When our fren’s from our partner agencies come to say henlo, I always greet them promptly with my wagging tail and sniffs. They may have done me a solid before or may be trying to bamboozle me, but this is my home and just like if I was a house doggo, I spring into action to meet them. I don’t want them to not feel welcome. Even when we host public tours and academies they will ask “Where’s Ruby?”, and like that one scary movie, I will appear. 


If you have any questions you want to ask me or my fren’s send us an email at

Ruby Photo
Ruby Photo
Ruby Photo
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