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Special Operations

Strike Team

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The Cherokee County E 9-1-1 Strike Team is a group of highly trained and certified Communications Officers that perform specialized communication functions during tactical situations. These Communications Officers regularly work and train with our law enforcement and fire and EMS partners to provide the citizens and visitors of Cherokee County with the highest quality of service in these specialized situations. 


Members of the Strike Team are required to perform their regular duties as Communications Officers as well as being on-call for rapid deployment for emergencies as they arise, allowing them to respond to the scene and provide vital communications support to the ongoing operations, as well as alleviating any additional increased traffic for the 9-1-1 center.


The Strike Team is utilized for many different incidents. Some of their past responses include Search and Rescue Operations both in Cherokee County and surrounding counties, as well as mutual aid for large-scale events like the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Emergency Response Team

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