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2022 Life Saving Awards

CANTON, GA - On Tuesday October 18th, 2022, Cherokee County E 9-1-1 presented eight Communication Officers with eleven life-saving awards before the Board of County Commissioners. E 9-1-1 Director Shane Bonebrake instituted the award as he neared the completion of his first year as Director. “They don’t bat an eye, they don’t have to think they just jump in there and you have eleven reasons right here that show you that.”

Going back one year to October 4th, 2021; any CPR saves that were recognized would be presented with an award during this annual ceremony.

To qualify for this award the call must have had CPR instructions given by the Communications Officer and been transported and arrived at the hospital with a pulse.

“It was an honor to recognize this incredible group of men and women who over the last 12 months answered a call for help and gave Lifesaving CPR instructions that resulted in the preservation of eleven lives. We are very proud of these silent heroes that make up our Cherokee County 911 family” said Cherokee County Public Services Director Dana Martin.

Recognized for the period of October 2021 through September 2022 are:

  • CTO Brittney Frimodig

  • CO Robin Floyd (3 Awards!)

  • CO Andrew Stitt (2 Awards!)

  • LCO Jessica Hashimoto

  • CO Erin Castle

  • CO Katie Ball

  • CO Andrew Albach

  • CO Cindy Brookshire

Speaking about his employees, E 9-1-1 Director Bonebrake said “I’ve got the best job in the entire county, because I get to see when people call down there and they are at their very very worst; they are at the place where they need so much help” and “I’m telling you working 35 years all over this state, this is probably the best team I’ve ever worked for!”

Congratulations on this achievement and on making a difference in the lives of our residents and visitors.


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