Requesting Records 

    Cherokee County E 9-1-1 records emergency and non-emergency phone calls and all radio traffic that we provide services to. All of the recordings and corresponding CAD reports are subject to the Open Records Law for the state of Georgia. Cherokee County E 9-1-1 maintains a strict adherence to Georgia's Open Records Law.

    In 2020 Cherokee County E 9-1-1 processed 2,581 Record requests. The records division only researches information on requests that pertain to 9-1-1 activities. Crime statistics are the records of respective law enforcement agencies in Cherokee County. To request any recordings or reports that 9-1-1 is responsible for maintaining, please complete the Cherokee County Open Records Request form. The form can be completed through the link above.

     Please complete the form. Please be as specific as possible. Please be as specific to as many details as this will help to find the information quickly and accurately. Once the request is received by the Cherokee County E 9-1-1 records division the information will be evaluated to make sure that it is available for Open Records.

        All communicated responses will be conducted via the portal in which the form was submitted. 

    **Notice: Cherokee County E 9-1-1 is authorized to take up to 72 business hours to make initial contact with the requestor in accordance with Georgia's Open Records Law.**

    Regardless of if the information is available, the records division will contact the requestor for a follow-up to include, but not limited to: clarification, additional information, denial, and/or costs associated with filling the request.


    The costs listed below are the current costs associated with filing open records requests:


    All listed costs are pursuant to O.C.G.A. $50-18-70(There is no charge for the first quarter-hour of time expended in records preparation).

    Cost per printed/copied page =$.10

    Cost per redacted page =$.10

    Cost per CD of recordings =$.25

    Cost of the hourly rate for research =$30.29

    Cost of the hourly rate for copying =$30.29

    Cost of the hourly rate for reproducing =$30.29

   Postage for mailed requests is determined on a case by case basis.


    Cherokee County E 9-1-1 records division will make contact with the requestor in advance to advise them of the cost of the documentation. Payment must be made in advance of receipt of documentation and the only approved payment methods are money orders or personal checks made payable to Cherokee County E 9-1-1. Cash will not be accepted.

    For customers needing to pick up requested documentation in person, all pickups are to be made between Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. All pickups will be at the Cherokee County Public Safety building located at 150 Chattin Drive, Canton, GA 30115. Please use the front door entrance and follow the posted instructions in the lobby next to the elevator. Access to Cherokee County E 9-1-1 is prohibited without an escort.

    Please contact Cherokee County E 9-1-1 Records Coordinator Heather Padgett ( with any additional questions related to E 9-1-1 records.